Qualities To Look In Your Outsourced Accountant

The business operations these days have become versatile and complex. With the expansion in terms of business prospects, a single organization has to deal with all the activities such as accounting, operational, sales & marketing under one roof.
An ideal solution for dealing with such a complex mechanism is outsourcing. Outsourcing is a solution that has various benefits including savings, the prominent one. Well, that right, because according to research by Deloitte's 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey, 59% of companies have adopted outsourcing to reduce their expenses. 

Outsourcing your accounting services is one of the easiest as well as the wisest decision. An outsourced accountant is expected to be proficient and helps you with appropriate methods of dealing with the bookkeeping and other accounting practices.
Now, you must be thinking of the way to find the ideal accountant for your business. Well, you need to look for an accountant, who is aware of your country's accounting system and is well-equipped with the accounting standards. Your accountant doesn't need to belong to your country, all you need to check is his/her reliability and certainly the reputation of the company he/she works for.  

But, that's not the only thing that should be considered while making the decision. This article helps you with some exclusive qualities, you must look in your outsourced accountant. As we are aware of how crucial accounting and bookkeeping are for your business, this article will help you with the right qualities to look at your outsourced accountant. So let's begin:  

1. A Well-Qualified Individual 

As Mundy Solutions is a reputed outsourcing firm, we consider qualification as one of the significant requirements in an accountant. In India as compared to other countries, people are not aware of bookkeepers as a specific profession. Such people are popularly known as accountants. If you will ask for bookkeepers in India, then you might land with some librarians. 

However, that certainly doesn't mean that you won't get a good bookkeeper in the country. There are several qualified and experienced bookkeepers, who are well versed with the software as well. Tally is certainly one of the most popular accounting software in the country with more than 2 decades of existence.
At Mundy Solutions, we help you with proficient accountants outsourcing services from Australia to India. In Australia, accountants can become qualified from some certifications with the addition of some professional experience, whereas, in India, a degree in accounting is a must.
We believe that a qualified outsourced accountant will help you not just save on your expenses, but will also make the accounting procedure quick and convenient. Our extensive experience in the bookkeeping business has made us realized the importance of concepts.
Many of the researches have found out that the most certain accounting error is the mixing up of personal and business finances. This mistake is usually found in small businesses, as there is a lack of education and skills. Our trained and knowledgeable accounting professionals have excellent knowledge of concepts, which allows them to easily deal with such issues.  

2. Well-Versed With Accounting Software

In the digital world, businesses are increasing their pace of operations. Naturally, the transactions and the accounting records are also getting extensive, this single fact has also ensured more and more companies to outsource their accounting and bookkeeping needs. It simply means that all companies need an outsourced accountant agency, that offers you accountants with digitized skills. We deploy top-notch accounting software’s and tools that would fit your business requirements.

Our accounting set up is a mix of automation and practitioners who possess deep knowledge and insights of a sound accounting system, and years of experience in handling most of the accounting software. We understand that all businesses cannot be the same. Thus, our experts can quickly adapt to your specified software and small business processes to provide you with customized, highly organized, reliable, and efficient data, while at the same time deliver a quick turnaround time.

3. Strategic Process For Organised Framework

One of the significant aspects you need to look in an outsource offshore accountant is the process he/she follows. At Mundy Solutions, we have selected personnel, who are efficient in their practices and continuously enhance their skills to make the process more sturdy. We believe that the most crucial reason for outsourcing is the strategic approach for a particular task. If your outsourced accountant doesn't organize the work strategically, then there is no point in hiring him.
However, at Mundy Solutions, we have worked out a methodology and we stick to it. Our team is aware of our work procedure, which includes a checklist. Not just that but they adhere to a set of practices to increase work efficiency and reduce risk. 
This graph belongs to Deloitte's 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey. Not just specifically in terms of accounting, but this graph helps you understand why outsourcing is necessary. Some of the most significant reasons why you want to outsource your accounting service include the reasons given in the infographics. 

As an SME, your main objective must be reducing the cost, however, that's not possible when you are doing all the chores single-handedly. That's where we come into the picture and offer you a skilled outsource offshore accountant, who helps you efficiently manage your bookkeeping through proper strategies, processes as per your business needs.  

4. Convenient Accessibility

Accessibility is another important thing to achieve. Imagine, you need your accountant at the end of the year for final reporting, but, he/she is too busy somewhere else and not responding to your messages and phone calls.
There are multiple situations when your accountant won't be able to turn up. For these situations, you can fully rely on us as we have a team of highly proficient as well as skilled professionals, who offer you uninterrupted services at any time you require them.
We are certainly the best accounting outsourcing company in Australia that helps you outsource offshore accounting. We further stay in touch with your business personnel through emails, skype, and phone calls, so that there is no communication gap. Communication is vital as a study suggests, 89% of HR leaders agree that ongoing peer feedback and check-ins are key for successful outcomes.

5. Satisfactory Results

The outsourced services statistics from Fortunly states that a total of 78% of businesses all around the world are likely to get satisfactory results from their outsourced partners as updated in 2020.

Your outsourced accountant should follow Australian standards of accounting procedures, we can offer excellent customer experience along with satisfactory results to our clients. We develop relationships with our clients, which allows us to seek their expectations and accordingly put efforts to achieve them.
Our streamlined network of communication allows us to bring efficiency to our framework. With the right accountant, we help you accelerate the accounting process of your business and accordingly grow your sales as well.
No matter what industry our clients belong to, we have a dynamic framework that helps us to allocate appropriate outsourced accountants following the business type. From hospitality to taxation and retail industry, we can help you allocate the right personnel for the relevant industry.
At Mundy Solutions, we have adopted interpersonal skills, that allow us to add value to the overall relationship with clients. With extensive interpersonal skills, our accountants offer positive recommendation and also asks for feedbacks that help us deliver satisfactory results.

6. Flexibility

Scalability is one of the biggest challenges, considering the scale of your expansion. At the time of expansion, you need to check whether your in-house team is capable of handling the enhanced operations. If not, then its time to consider an outsourced accountant.
While exploring the outsourced accountants, you need to check the one, who has a flexible approach towards your business. No matter what size of your business is, you need to check, whether the accountant you are going to hire has enough capabilities to direct his/her strategies accordingly.
You can do this by checking the experience of the individual. If you will hire an outsourced accountant from a reputable firm, then possibly you can stay assured about the credibility of the experience and qualification of the concerned person.
Its worth to note that a dynamic outsourced accountant will help you effectively meet the requirements of the changing practices. Your accountant should be flexible and quick enough to make the accounting process agile and convenient.

7. Ethical Practices

At Mundy Solutions, we have a stringent appeal towards the code of conduct that helps us to provide ethical services. We adhere to integrity, transparency, and honesty, that further helps us bring you a reliable and confident outsourced offshore accountant. Ethics is something that needs to be practiced throughout the organization. We help you with highly proficient accountants, who are aware of their ethical practices and diligently follow them.

Our accountants completely adhere to the standards and regulations formulated by the Australian Professional and Ethical Standards Board and are proud to be a law-abiding individual. With us, you don't need to stay stressed, as all our team is responsible and follows integrity with due diligence while performing bookkeeping practices. Our accounting procedure is transparent and helps you with trusted solutions.

8. Advancements & Staff Training

At Mundy Solutions, we ensure that our accountants and staff stay updated with the current advancements in the industry and not just that but they should be thorough with other industry standards too. According to a study from American Society for Training and Development, companies are expected to make 24% more money than through the right employee training in comparison to those who ignore it. 

Well, that reflects our focus on training is right. We ensure our training programs are highly efficient and offer great skill development opportunities to our employees. Our training and advancements practices offer you advanced services that are backed with an upper hand in technology and accounting skills. This will certainly help you keep up with the competition. 

9. Analytical Approach

One of the significant benefits of an outsourced accountant is that you get to tap on expert services. With well-informed personnel, you must look for an individual, who is capable of offering real-time analysis with personalized financial reports.  No two businesses are same and their requirements are different too.  Accountants should be able to analyse the data from different angles and provide the customisation reports as per their specific requirements Not just that, but these people must offer an insight into your financial progress and further establish a correlation with your goals. Some of the extensive aspects one can expect include financial planning along with management during expansions. 


As a conjecture, this article had listed some qualities you must consider while hiring an outsourced accountant. These will help you ensure a consistent flow of accounting practices in your organization. Outsourcing is certainly one of the best solutions for small business firms, as it not just saves cost, but also helps you avail expert practices. At the stage of beginning or expansion, accounting procedures might seem tedious, by having an outsourced accountant, you will be able to employ his/her expert skills and make the accounting procedure highly feasible for your organization. At Mundy solutions, we extend our helping hand to find you a suitable outsourced accountant, who has relevant experience in your business.